We ask that your please review these materials, then give serious thought to what your likely level of financial support for Trinity and its ministries will be during 2023. Then please fill out and return your completed Support Card to us any time between now and October 30th.

Your response will be kept strictly confidential. Making an offering is really a form of worship. It's a sacred act between you and God. We respect and honor the sanctity of that relationship.

Normally only Becky Henkes, our Financial Secretary, will see will see your completed card. Although under certain conditions Pastor Linda and our Church Treasurer may access your information as well (if you have a question, for example). Everyone else works only from totals provided by the Financial Secretary.

The Financial Support card is NOT a "pledge". Unexpected things can happen to anyone medical bills - house repairs - car repairs. So, should it become necessary, you can change the amount of your support at any time. All that we ask is that you contact Becky Henkes or Pastor Linda and inform them of the change you are making.

You see, the purpose of the cards, yours and those of all your fellow members, is to give our Church leadership an idea of what level of financial support they can likely expect from our membership in 2023.

Last year the Financial Support cards returned by our members totaled just over $200,000. That amount was enough to support 85% of this year's operating budget! With that level of support, your Church Council was able to move forward with confidence to plan this year's budget.

Work has already begun on our 2023 budget. Won't you please help us plan an accurate budget by joining all our other members who will be returning their Financial Support cards.

Please be as generous as possible in supporting our many ministries here at Trinity.

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Planning a Memorial Bequest