Church Council

Michael Scholzel: Council President

Mike has been a member of Trinity for approximately 25 years. Mike enjoys attending Trinity because of the uplifting spirit from worship he receives and also the fellowship. Serving the church gives him many positive things to do. Mike has served on the Finance Committee as Treasurer for approximately 14 years, which included attending Executive Council and Council meetings during that time. He is currently serving on Council as President and is co-chairing the Property Committee. 

Mike has been married for 38 years and has two sons, Gregory and Matthew. He retired in 2018 from his job as an accountant. He likes to travel to Door County, Wisconsin, particularly Fish Creek. He occasionally watches baseball, football, tennis, and hockey, during the playoffs or big tournaments. He also enjoys bike riding and following Economy and Energy and “Peak Oil” events and news.

Shirley Luttrell : Council-Vice President

Shirley has been a member of Trinity for a little over 30 years. She enjoys attending Trinity because of the friendships, feeling of acceptance and belonging, and the opportunities to help others.

Shirley has served on Council 3 years previously and is back on Council this year. She has always been involved in Children’s Ministry.

Shirley is married to Larry and they have two children, Andy (spouse Shali) and Tracey, and one granddaughter(Maya) and one grandson on the way.

Shirley works at Target. In her free time, she enjoys reading, crafting, crocheting, working in the garden, and watching Netflix shows. Shirley enjoys spending time at their family cottage in Wisconsin. She also loves traveling to the Seattle area and Maine.

Nancy Webber: Council Secretary

Nancy became a member of Trinity in 1988, before getting married at Trinity. She enjoys attending Trinity because of the people, the opportunity to help others, and her Mom was an involved member of Trinity.

Nancy has served on Council for 1 ½ years, 1 year as the Building Usage liaison, and currently as the Council Secretary. She also is involved in Property (outside), the Community Backpack Project, and Game Night.

Nancy has a brother (Bruce) and sister-in-law (Renee), nephew (Steven), niece (Aimee), and 4 great nephews (Colton, Gage, Grayson, Oakley) who all live in Kentucky, and a stepmother (Pam), husband (Rick), and stepbrother (Dennis) who live in Florida.

Nancy is retired from teaching Elementary PE for 35 years in Des Plaines, but continues to coach Badminton at Maine West High School. She is enjoying life by, volunteering, spending time on the water, gardening, and traveling.

Betty Bongartz

Betty has been a member of Trinity since 1996. Betty enjoys attending Trinity because she feels that the congregation is made up of nice and welcoming people. She feels very comfortable at Trinity. Betty said that Pastor Hogie got her interested in confirmation classes, retreats, and mission trips.

Betty has served on Council for the last 5 years. She has been involved in Faith Formation, Confirmation, and Meals on Wheels. She also helps out with the Easter and Christmas programs.

Betty has a sister, a brother, and nieces and nephews. She is retired and is enjoying life. Betty enjoys watching the Hallmark Channel, supporting the Cubs, working on her counted cross-stitch, and traveling to California.

Krissy Goebbert

Krissy has been a member of Trinity since 1996, when she was confirmed. She enjoys attending Trinity because of the family atmosphere and because of Trinity’s mission, “Loved by God, we serve and share Christ’s love with others”.

Krissy has served on Council for 4 years, 3 years as Council President. Krissy was part of the committee that revised Trinity’s Constitution. Krissy is also Trinity’s Tech person. Krissy is involved in the website development, the sound system, and the live-streaming at Trinity. She will go where her support is needed.

Krissy’s family consists of her parents (Jill and Hal), and her brother (Kevin).

Krissy is an Assistant Director of Special Education. She brings her dog, Sadie into Special Education classrooms to provide therapy and comfort to the children. She also helps out at Special Olympic events.  

In her “spare” time, she enjoys spending her time with her dog Sadie, reading, watching Netflix, supporting the Cubs, and traveling to Sanibel Island FL, St. Germain WI, and Acadia National Park in Maine.

Nancy Hoem

Nancy and her husband Bob have been worshiping at Trinity since 1982, when their daughter was baptized. Both of their children were baptized and confirmed at Trinity and their daughter was married at Trinity. Nancy and Bob became members of Trinity in 2018. Nancy enjoys coming to Trinity because Trinity feels "like home” and it “feels right”.

Nancy has been on Council for 3 years. She served as the Council Secretary for 2 years. Nancy has been involved in organizing the Craft Show, Coffee Hour, the Community Backpack Project, and Bingo. Nancy volunteers when and where she is needed.

Nancy is married to Bob and they have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. She is retired. She enjoys traveling to see her grandchildren, Beading, going to craft shows, and watching her favorite shows - Two and a Half Men, Law and Order, and SVU.

Scott A. Stephens

Scott has been a member of Trinity since birth. Scott enjoys attending Trinity because he feels he returned to a place of Comfort and Peace.

Scott just started serving on Council. He is serving as a co-chair of the Property Committee. He also helps out with the lawn care and trimming of the shrubs and trees.

Scott enjoys woodworking, his dog Barney, watching Netflix, watching the Blackhawks, and traveling to Arizona.

Barbara Van Keuren

Barb became a member of Trinity in 1994. She enjoys attending Trinity originally because of the music program. As she became more involved, she realized Trinity had become her “forever” church. She loves it at Trinity! She loves everyone at Trinity!

Barb has served on Council for a 3 year term in the 1990’s. Recently, she has served on Council for 4 years.

Barb has been involved in Choir and Bells, Worship and Music (secretary), Fish and Loaves, and has been a Lector, which she wants to start doing again.

Barb has 3 children, Kathy (deceased), Mark, and Tracey (spouse Dennis). She has 7 grandchildren and one great grandson, Thomas. Barb also has a brother, Tom and sister-in-law, Barb, who live in Florida.

Barb retired in 1997 from working in the main office at Maine West High School. She is enjoying life by spending time with her cat, Cecilia, singing, reading, doing puzzles, watching HGTV, cheering on those Cubs, spending time with her family, and traveling up to Hayward, Wisconsin.

Jill Goebbert: Treasurer

Jill became a member of Trinity in 1971. She enjoys attending Trinity because the Goebbert’s have been attending since Trinity opened. Hal was baptized and confirmed at Trinity. Family has been married, baptized, and confirmed at Trinity. Jill also enjoys the family atmosphere at Trinity.

Jill has served as the Treasurer for 3 years. She has been involved in Fish and Loaves, Choir, Bingo, and other fundraisers.

Jill is married to Hal and they have two adult children, Krissy and Kevin. Jill is retired and enjoys life by baking, crafting, refinishing furniture, watching tv, and traveling to Wisconsin with family.

Laurie Malmberg

Laurie has been a member of Trinity since 1972. Her husband Rich and his family were long time members. Laurie enjoys Trinity because she loves being part of a group who are “Believers”, which makes it comforting and energizing to worship together. Laurie loves Trinity’s recent “Outreach” ministries. Laurie is glad that all of her grandchildren have gotten reinforcement of their Faith at Trinity. Laurie always leaves Trinity with a positive attitude to start her week.

Laurie has served on Faith Formation, Social Ministry, and Congregational Life, has been an Assisting Minister, and has been on Council for 5 years. She also helps out with fundraising, Bingo, and Game Night. 

Laurie is married to her husband Rich, has two children - Jennifer (spouse Pete) and Erik (spouse Denise), and 9 grandchildren - Shannon, Justin, Cody, Ben, Angela, Logan, Delila, Emily, and Faith.  

Laurie likes to travel to Florida or any beach. She likes cats. She enjoys watching Lifetime movies. She is a Cubs fan and enjoys cooking, baking, crafts, and playing board games.