Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

Christmas Gifts for Children in Need

We have the opportunity to brighten the days of young people assisted by Lutheran Social Services of Illinois and Foster Care with a gift card this Christmas.

How can you help?  Please sign up to purchase a gift card through Trinity Lutheran, mail or drop off your check for $25 for each card. Trinity will purchase gift cards from Target and Walmart and place them in a gift bags with some treats and give them to LSSI and Foster Care to distribute to the children.

Please submit your order for gift cards along with your check made out to Trinity Lutheran Church no later than  November 19.

Easter Baskets and Gift Cards

Just like the Caring Tree, Trinity members provide $25 gift cards to children in Lutheran Social Service and Foster Care. 

We were able to make up 120 Easter bags with $25 gift cards for WalMart or Target, crackers, hot chocolate and candy for the children.