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Trinity Fundraising

Introducing the New Name
For Our Shopping Fundraiser:   Dollars for Trinity!!

Last year with about 12 church members participating each month, over $1200 was raised. Through the May
order this year, we have raised over $400. Imagine if more members took part.
Church members purchase cards at face value. When you buy a $50 card for Mariano's, you get $50 in goods
and Trinity gets $4.00.

The cards do not expire. Each retailer offers a different percentage. The difference is an instant rebate for

It is time to put the members’ shopping dollars to work. Members can raise money for Trinity without any
additional out of pocket funds!! The order form has been revised to make shopping easier and the print is larger. Please review the form for your own shopping needs and habits. We all buy gas and groceries. Do you eat out, go to the movies, stop for coffee? If 100 members participated instead of 10, we could raise $10,000 or more per year.

Please contact Becky: 847-827-6656 if you have any questions.
Order dates for the remainder of 2018 are: July 22, August 19, September 16, October 21,
November 18, and to accommodate all your Christmas needs there will be 2 dates in
December: December 2 and 9 to make sure you have time to get the cards and shop!!!

We have more restaurant benefit days planned for 2018. If you haven’t joined in on one of these fundraisers, now is your chance. 
​Planned for August 10 is Buona Beef in Rosemmont, get flyer below.
​Planned for August 28 is Baker's Square in Niles, get flyer below.

Also download shopping card form below. 

2018 Gift Card Form
Buona Beef
Baker's Square

675 East Algonquin Road  Des Plaines, IL 60016  ​(847) 827-6656