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How much do we pay synod for each member?

We do not pay Mission Support on a per member basis. Congregations are encouraged to give as a percentage of overall member contributions. Our annual Mission Support is budgeted at $12,180.00 or approx. 4%. This is what we previously called “benevolence.” Mission Support describes the purpose of sharing support for ministries and mission across the ELCA that we couldn’t do on our own, and can only do together as a church that shares its resources for God’s work in the world.

Don’t we drop members who have not made a donation or been communed in a certain length of time?

We are currently reviewing our membership records with the goal of obtaining a more accurate record of Trinity’s membership. No members will be removed unless a reasonable attempt is made to contact those individuals.

People have transferred to other churches— I was wondering why when they have been here for years and they are not out of the area.

When members transfer churches or let the congregation know they will no longer be attending, the pastor will reach out to discuss how the members have made their decision in an effort to learn from them and address concerns/changes that may be needed. These conversations are not made public to the congregation due to confidentiality for the former members. Reasons are discussed within Council, as are changes that may need to be made or concerns that may affect other members.

Are candidates (pastors open to call) on a list who would like to change and/or are they chosen by the synod to do a change?

The candidates who are submitted for consideration are pastors who have indicated to the synodical bishop that they are interested in being considered for a call.


What were those results? (of the community interviews)

The link to the Community Interview Summary is: Community Leader Interview Summary

Suggestion: Congregational/community service/support: What about establishing a ‘support group’ at church for single parents? ( Not a dating group, but a means to provide comfort and support to people in this position— congregation members and people from the community.) Having been a single parent for 19 years, I would welcome the opportunity to offer comfort and support to those in need. Might help draw people

Thank you for the great suggestion we are always looking at ways to provide meaningful programs for the community.

Why do we no longer announce in church when a member is in the hospital?

Due to privacy concerns, we do not announce when members are in the hospital unless they have given permission to do so.This is is legal requirement based on HIPAA.

Questions regarding Worship Service time

During the Summer of 2016, the Council introduced “Summer Hours”; at the end of that time, several members asked that the Council consider a single worship service on Sundays at an earlier time. Feedback was sought out over a period of several weeks from those in attendance and overwhelmingly favored a single Sunday service later than 8:00 AM but earlier than 10:30. The feedback was shared with the Worship and Music Committee. Now a year later the Council having given due consideration to a wide variety of recommendations and concerns about our Sunday morning worship schedule, has come to the conclusion that the needs of our congregation will best be met by moving the Sunday worship service to 9:30 AM. The Council in collaboration with the Worship and Music committee will continue to seek ways to make our worship meaningful for everyone. Please direct your suggestions for worship to the members of the Worship & Music Committee: Sonja Pearson (interim Chair), Barb Van Keuren, Norene Rolenitus,(Council Liaison), Joyce Vondrak (chair out on leave), Linda Schultz, Dawn Bobeck, Brand Gustus, Pam Hauser, Brad Whaley, Cathy Williams, Pastor Dennis Kelly (Interim Pastror)

Also why not purge names of those absent members because our total membership has to pay the synod?

See answers above (Mission Support is not shared based on the number of members.)

If a mailing goes out to all members, include a question about what they are looking for if they do not attend church regularly

Is the negotiation of the salary with the pastor to be called done prior to the call?

Yes. Their salary package is based on synodical guidelines and takes into consideration years of service/experience, region of the country, location of the congregation, etc

How many names are given to the call committee at one time?

Usually 3-5 names

Since we have no parsonage anymore, do we have to pay for housing for the pastor?

Yes. We are responsible for paying a housing allowance. It’s part of the compensation package. (Most congregations no longer own a parsonage.)

Will candidates be interviewing here [at TLC] and at other places at the same time?

Initially, it is possible. However, as the process moves forward with a candidate, i.e., second interview, they would withdraw from the process at other congregations until we make an offer or advise them they were not chosen for the call.

What is the estimated timing of Phase 3? Where are we?

It is hard to put exact timing on Phase 3. We are currently at Phase 2

Should we be merging with another congregation? Has this been discussed.

There was conversation around this with the Transition Team, and it is not being considered further at this time.

Are there enough resources to sustain ministry here?

"Enough" is a tricky word. There are always resources and assets to carry on God's work and mission in the world—in one form or another. While working to be financially generous and supportive of ministry, we also need to be always discerning the needs of our community, identify existing and untapped resources and partnerships in our community, seeking and drawing on the skills and experiences of members (of all ages), tapping into synod and churchwide resources and programs, evaluating how to best use our facilities/property, considering creative funding sources, and building on our passions, energy, imagination and faith — we do all of this in response to what is God calling us to be and do in this time and place. The Council has requested a full accounting of all TLC financial assets for the purpose of completing a full assessment of ministry resources. TLC holds its property in collaboration with the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the ELCA in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of this church.

What is the actual membership number?

1,000 per ELCA website, this isn’t an accurate number, but it is based on our most recent response to the annual ELCA report request. We are actively working on going through congregational records to identify the accurate number.

What is going on with bringing back 8:30 a.m. service? A year and a half ago we voted at the Annual Meeting that we were not going to continue? There was no communication as to why it was being considered again. And why is it being considered again if we voted it down?

The Worship & Music Committee had a trial period this summer for an earlier service that was a different type of service and liturgy— spoken only; no music. The change to a single Sunday service was not made for financial reasons.


With additional questions, see a Transition (Umbrella Strategy) Team member and/or a member of Council.


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Transition Update Meeting: Member Questions and Comments
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