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It is said that God never gives you a task too big for you to handle, and this year, Trinity's Good News Garage “GNG” was given its biggest challenge yet, having received four auto donations to present to families in need. With the generous assistance of many people, GNG was able to help four four families get back to work with reliable transportation – a “leg-up”, not a “handout”!

Prior to 2015, GNG, now in its fifth year, had only received and rehabbed one vehicle per year. This year, we received and rehabbed a pickup truck and gave it to a roofing laborer. Then a second vehicle came along, and a third before the second had been completed. As we were calling for financial help because the program had run out of money to complete these two vehicles, a fourth vehicle came along.

Faced with a lack of funds and winter approaching, help began to pour in from everywhere. The employer of the roofing laborer payed for his license and title fees; an anonymous donor gave $500.00 in cash one Sunday for the GNG program; and another auto donor paid for repairs, license and title fees for another vehicle. An added blessing was El Nino providing us with 60-degree days in December to allow us to complete the fourth vehicle this year!

Heartfelt thanks go out to all those who make the Good News Garage program possible, and to those who spread the word to others about the program. I must also give a personal “thank you” to Kevin Lang, the head mechanic and counselor to Good News Garage. The success of this ministry is due in large part to his hard work and dedication. The ELCA did a video about the Good News Garage for one of the Church Wide gatherings, click here to view the video! 

Good News Garage is just another example of “God's Work, Our Hands”!

Every year I list some of the things we are doing, thank the people involved and invite the rest of us to join them! 
We serve our neighbor through...  
• Des Plaines Self Help Closet and Food Pantry – where people from our community can find food and clothing on 
Tuesdays and Saturdays. Our red barrel will take your donation of food. 
• Five Loaves and Two Fish Community lunches – 
Joanne Eiler, Barb Van Keuren, Rhyse Jaeschke, Sue Rasmussen, Keith Voss, 
and 35 volunteers serve around 100 guests every month.  
• Ushers – led by Harold and Helga Krieger, Paul Maatta, Sr., and Chuck Schmidt, 
greet people with a smile. Become an usher. Get to know people. 
• Readers – scheduled by Sonya Pearson, can make the Scriptures come alive. Talk to Sonya. 
• Assisting ministers – scheduled by Sonja Pearson. For people of any age after confirmation. Are you interested? 
Call Sonja. 
• Finance and Stewardship – Mike Scholzel, Treasurer, Dennis Ingersoll, Pam Khazen, Pat Kilcullen, Jan Kirchwehm, Janet Kittlaus and Paul Maatta, Sr. lead us in giving our support to the ministry we all share. 
Bob Dwiel and Jana Haas serve on our staff as Financial Secretaries. 
• Altar Guild – led by Dolores Townsend and Beverly Johnson, prepares our altar for worship before every service. 
There is no age limit, young or old, so please give Dolores a call. 
• Praise Team – Minister of Music Josh Langhoff on the piano leads the Praise Team for Saturday worship. 
Kari Dueball is on the drums. Ask one of the Praise Team members, Brand Gustus, Kevin Lang, Linda Schultz, Brianna 
Voss, Kathy Voss, or Cathy Williams what it’s like. 
• Chancel Choir and Jubilate Bell Choir – Minister of Music Brad Whaley, leads our music ministry. Would you like 
to sing or ring bells? Ask Brad or any of the choir members how.  
• Trinity Choristers – Rachel Whaley leads a choir of elementary to middle school aged singers. Is you child ready to 
• Communication and Publicity – Thank Norene Rolenitus and welcome Matthew Scholzel as editor of the Trinity 
Messenger. Victoria Flood leads a group of writers for, “Listen, God is Calling,” a monthly article on prayer. 
Elaine von Schwedler prepares weekly publicity for local newspapers, welcoming people to experience Trinity. 
Jim Hemzacek and Rod Boriack maintain Trinity’s website and blogs, another important part of our connection to each 
other. If you want to help with communication and publicity, ask any of those above what help they need.  
• Garth/Courtyard – stop by on a spring, summer or fall day. Bring your lunch if you want. Find a quiet place to 
meditate for a few minutes or a few hours. Jim and Karen Hemzacek, Carl and Lori Henry, John Stoffregen and Diane Berman, Harold Wigginton, and others do the work. 
• Flower Beds – Joyce Brown, Jim Hemzacek, Carl Henry, Erik Malmberg, Marion Sackrison, John Stoffregen, 
Harold Wigginton, Craig Wilson and others kept it weeded, and planted.  
• New Vision Korean Church – continues to use our church, library, and Fellowship Hall on Sundays and twice a 
week in the evening. 
• Boy Scout Troop 6 – has been part of Trinity our entire history. Troop 6 is in the middle of a resurgence with more 
scouts and committed scout masters. Ken Niebuhr is our contact. 
• Stephen Ministers and Communion Ministers – led by Jan Kirchwehm, extend our ministry of pastoral care to more 
of our people. See Jan or Pastor George Schelter to get involved.  
• Good News Garage – is always on the lookout for serviceable used cars to rework for people needing a car. 
Frank Hauser, Jeff Johanson, and Kevin Lang are at the heart of the work. 
• Wednesday Adult Bible Study – includes retirees and people whose schedule lets them meet to
 study books of the Bible at 9:30 a.m. with Pastor George Schelter. We have room for more!
• Daily Discipleship, Wired Word, and Film and Faith – meet in between Sunday services under the leadership of Sonja Pearson, Dave Swanson, Melissa Hemzacek and Pastor Lloyd Kittlaus
. Study the Scripture readings for that 
Sunday, film and contemporary issues around our faith. 
• Faith Stepping Stones – led by Cathy Williams teaches pre-teen children and supports parents in teaching them the faith. Vacation Bible School is offered every summer for children. We are always looking for people to partner with our young people, to pray for them, or to serve as small group guides in confirmation. 
• Sunday School and Confirmation – Cathy Williams faithfully and joyfully leads our ministry to children and their families, beginning with the Cradle Roll, continuing in Sunday School, and going into the depths of the Christian faith at Confirmation. A group of committed teachers, among them 
Janet Bilodeau, Kevin Lang, and Jeff Mortensen, among others work with the children. 
• RSquared – Melissa Hemzacek leads a group of High School students with adult leaders who meet as a group every Sunday in partnership with Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Elk Grove Village. 
Scott Dueball, and Jeff Johanson are among the adult leaders. 
• Mission Trips – Melissa Hemzacek anchors a ministry to youth and their families. At a time when young lives are constantly changing, ministry at Trinity changes young lives. Mission Trips, out of state for a week or in Chicago for an afternoon, open the eyes of middle school and high school youth to how we can respond with thanksgiving to people in need of the gifts God has given us to share. Career choices and decisions to serve in other ways here at church have come about as a result of participation on our Mission Trips. Two of our high school youth, Jeff Brzezowski and Hayley Bobek, currently serve as members of the Church Council. 
• Crucifers – a processional cross leads the ministers into the church at both 8:00 and 10:30 a.m. worship. Brian Shrouf has both recruited and provided training for those carrying the cross.  
• Women of the ELCA – Beverly Johnson and Karen Hemzacek lead WELCA. Several women’s circles meet regularly for Bible Study, fellowship, and service projects. Naomi Circle continues to support generously our emergency fund.  
• Men’s Breakfast – meets at 8:30 a.m. of the third Tuesday of every month at Silver Stallion. 
• Property Committee – men from this group work around the church to maintain our property (some on an almost daily basis). Check out this group which includes Frank Hauser, Jim Hemzacek, Dennis Ingersoll, Lloyd Kittlaus, Ken Niebuhr, Chuck Schmidt, and Jack Voss
. • Yoga – Jamie Rasmussen leads a growing group of people from our church and our community. Try it for a combination of meditation and exercise that limbers up mind and body. 
• Meals on Wheels - organized by Shirley Bertram, Trinity members deliver meals one month each year. We always need more and drivers. How about taking a day or a week? 
• Lutheran Social Services of Illinois – Janet Kittlaus, Linda Kuska, and Joyce Moore, handled our Caring Tree and Easter Baskets supporting the ministry of LSSI. 
• Trinity Lutheran Church continues to be a Reconciling in Christ Congregation, meaning we welcome LGBTQ people to Trinity. 
• The Office – Administrator Linda Kuska manages our office, prepares worship materials, and welcomes members and guests in person or over the phone with a cheerful greeting. Linda is sometimes assisted by Shirley Bertram, Dagny Gebert, Beverly Johnson, and Donna Pressley. Virginia Bachner, Shirley Bertram, Marge Mayville and Donna Pressley collate our bulletins.

675 East Algonquin Road  Des Plaines, IL 60016  ​(847) 827-6656
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675 East Algonquin Road  Des Plaines, IL 60016  ​(847) 827-6656
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“We serve our neighbor”...for Jesus is our example of service.