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Good News Garage has been quietly busy again this year. To date, we have given away three vehicles. The first was a truck to Mark, our custodian. Mark, as you may have seen, has an arm in a sling that was hurt years ago. Mark works multiple part time jobs and was suddenly without transportation. We were able to assist him and keep him going.

The second car was given to a single Mom with a teenage daughter. Shanice is a medical worker in Palatine who was using UBER to go to and from work every day because she did not have transportation. Her Lutheran Pastor told her about us and called to introduce her. As you can see from the pictures, she is doing better now.

The third vehicle was a small Chevy pickup truck that we gave to an unemployed landscaper named Wes. His truck was ruined and he had no way to do his work or get to his work. We were able to help him with a small pickup truck that gets him back to work and back in business.

There is a fourth car left over from last year we are still working on, and a fifth car that is yet to be picked up in Wheeling. The Lord has yet to send us someone who needs these vehicles.

When we give a vehicle away we pay for the license and title transfer, give a tank of fuel, and pay for the first month of vehicle insurance (if needed). These expenses run about $365.00 per vehicle and are the largest part of our cost to give away a vehicle, not the repairs needed to fix them. Giving a vehicle to someone who has no money to pay for license plates does them no good if they can’t drive it until they find the money to pay for plates.

The problem we now face is we have run out of money again. This year there have been more donations of cars than of dollars. Thank you God for a wonderful problem!!!

I am asking those who feel moved to support this program at Trinity to consider a gift to Good News Garage.

There are still two vehicles to give away this year, we hope. Your gift of time spent working on a vehicle, time spent cleaning a vehicle, your gift of money to pay for license and title transfer, your gift of telling someone about us ARE ALL NEEDED. Can you help us?

Thank you to all who help and support us, we could not do “God’s Work Our Hands” without you.
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675 East Algonquin Road  Des Plaines, IL 60016  ​(847) 827-6656
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675 East Algonquin Road  Des Plaines, IL 60016  ​(847) 827-6656
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