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Council Meeting Highlights - April 2017

We opened our meeting with devotions taken from a resource provided by Portico (vendor that supplies benefits for the ELCA) titled "Opening Meeting with Grace." This resource encouraged us to use both our minds and our bodies to actively pray that God's Spirit be present with us and direct us in all that we do.

Interim-pastor Rev. Dennis Kelly provided us with the membership report. overall our worship attendance is between 120 and 130 per weekend. Holy week services were slightly down in attendance compared to last year. Members who both transfered in and out of the congregation are now up to date for the first quarter. Going forward, the membership report will be provided quarterly this will allow ample time for Linda Kuska
(Office Administrator) to obtain the updated information.

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM) has approached Trinity Lutheran Church, ELCA to explore the possibility of placing a ministry intern to fulfill this requirement for graduation. Interns would be those who have completed two years or more of seminary. The intern would be able to fully function in the same capacity as a call pastor with the exception of the administration of the Sacraments. The Council is requesting additional information regarding the obligation on the part of the congregation from a financial

Leaders for Bulgarian dance group has expressed interest in establishing a building use agreement. Members of the property committee will review current building use and explore the feasibility of extending such an agreement based on availbility of space and liability insurance verification.

Our current year-to-date giving deficit stands at $38,174.48. This represents nearly 70% of our total projected for the year. One of the contributing factors is we were paying salary and benefits for both our former senior pastor and our current interim pastor through March 1, 2017.

You will recall that a recommendation was brought forward by the Worship and Music committee to explore the feasibility of offering a quiet service with Communion. This service will not include any music. Pastor Kelly collaborated with Joyce Vondrak (Chair Worship and Music) and it had been determined that the service will be piloted for a period of six weeks beginning with the first Sunday in May. The service will begin
at 8:30 AM. Following the pilot, the Worship and Music Committee and Council will evaluate and make a determination about future services with input from those who attend.

There is a wonderful video that was recorded with the help of our partners at the ELCA featuring Good News Garage. The video will be shown at this year's Metropolitan Chicago Synod Assembly in early June. We are also working on getting this uploaded to the website and will show the video at a future congregational gathering.

Update on the communication survey. We are in the process of cleaning up our member email lists. Once we accomplish that task, the survey will be sent out. We appreciate your patience.

The Council wishes to express its sincere gratitude to Melissa Hemzacek and Frank Hauser who have agreed to serve as voting members at the 2017 Metropolitan Chicago Synod (MCS) Assembly. Voting members represent the highest level of legislation for the MCS (think annual congregational meeting and the integral role you play as a voting member of that assembly).
Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Wayne Dorman, Council President

675 East Algonquin Road  Des Plaines, IL 60016  ​(847) 827-6656