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More about Trinity's Interim Pastor

by Trinity Lutheran Church Communications Committee on 12/04/18

Dr. Beckmann was born in New York City. Her parents (and grandparents) were church workers in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Dr. Beckmann's own first call was as a 4th grade teacher in a Lutheran school in Queens and following that she worked for Lutheran World Relief as a secretary in the offices in Manhattan.


When Dr. Beckmann discovered that women were being ordained in other Lutheran church bodies, she left the Big Apple to attend the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, in Hyde Park. She met her husband, Fred Kinsey, at seminary. They served a 20 year ministry together in the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where Dr.

Beckmann also worked toward and received her doctorate in preaching from LSTC. Dr. Beckmann has also served at ELCA Churchwide Organization here in Chicago as Director for the national program of candidacy and two interim positions at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. She has served ten interim ministries in Metro Chicago and enjoys seeing how congregations prepare themselves and leadership for mission. She is enjoying seeing how disciples answer God’s call as she serves among God’s people in Des Plaines! She looks forward to getting to know the people of Trinity, hearing our stories and how God has called us. Dr. Beckmann can be contacted at the church office: (847) 827-6656. Her church email is pastor-

Thanksgiving 2018

by Trinity Lutheran Church Communications Committee on 11/11/18

When I was growing up, my family prayed before dinner. But “twice blessed”, we also couldn’t leave the table until we had given thanks AFTER we’d eaten as well. Our after-meal prayer was this:

“We thank the Lord for all the food, for life, and health and every good. Amen.”

At the “Amen” our poodle, Jacques, would join in with a loud bark. He knew that it was his turn to eat. Jacques joined in the thanksgiving for all good things, even if, in his case, it was Gainesburgers!

There is a lot to give thanks for this year.

All creatures, great and small, are invited into thanksgiving for what God does for us, how God provides for us, how God invites us into expressing that thanksgiving in our generous living and generous sharing with those around us.

There’s a lot to give thanks for this year. We are more than blessed!

Join us for Thanksgiving worship on Sunday, November 18th at 9:30 am
We will sing harvest and thanksgiving hymns and bless holiday pantry items for our neighbors

God is good! God has blessed us with this year! Let us give thanks.

The Rev. Dr. Kim Beckmann, interim pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church

The Rev. Dr.  Kim Beckmann, Interim Pastor