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Temple Talk 9/30/18 Paul Maata

Last week Krissy gave the Temple Talk and this week I want to reinforce a few of those points and I need to add a few new ones for this week.

Last week we mentioned that the loan that Bishop Miller presented to us earlier this year was taken off of the table because of our hard work and accomplishments as a congregation. I hope we all caught that we worked ourselves out of the situation. Congrats to us all! Woo Hoo!

Thank you to all of those that were directly involved in the meeting with Bishop Miller and the others in attendance. We mentioned the requirement of having a sustainable balanced budget before we can call a new Pastor. Work has begun, but there will be work for many of us and ways to contribute to the process. We will get to that in a minute, shortly.

We talked about waiting to call a Pastor until later in the year in 2019. This is just a reality that we must all recognize. What is also important is who will this Pastor be and what will our call look like? Would it be full time or part time for example? The call committee will be started soon if we can do that and we will be working on things such as the Ministry Site Profile. This document essentially tells candidates for call what Trinity Lutheran Church looks like and is all about as a congregation in our community. It is sort of like the Congregations resume so to speak.

Regarding Change
As we start planning worship services and activities around the church this fall and leading into the holiday season, you may see some changes. I am excited at the thought of trying new things, but I do understand that change can be uncomfortable. When we originally started down the path of renewal we had to make some decisions that would help us keep our doors open. We have had a change of personnel resources by choosing a part time interim pastor. As shared before, the reality of this is that we cannot expect that we can continue to do everything we have always done. We also need to make sure we are reviewing and prioritizing our activities to showcase what we do best at Trinity, but at the same time make way for new ideas and open the door for new possibilities. I hope as changes come forward that you can be open to the ideas and give
them all a try. Don’t forget, we want to hear from you. The Sunshine of Hope is available in the Narthex to provide feedback or suggestions to council as we navigate through Trinity’s continued renewal. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. Also, please find Council members to talk to at coffee hour or around the church to answer your questions and offer your suggestions.

We want to mention the next Stewardship luncheon on 10/28/18 after the worship service. Please consider joining us for lunch and some programming that will include those “ways to contribute to the process” I mentioned earlier. We are planning table discussions that are rooted in some of the questions from the site profile. Some topics may be rooted in call committee issues such as full or part time Pastoral leadership for the future. We should have some fun with some music and we hope it is a time of informative fellowship for everyone in attendance. In that regard if there is anyone in the congregation that plays the piano and could lead a couple of familiar hymns we would like to know if you would be available to lead us during that luncheon. If so, please let me or another council member know if you are interested in playing for the group songs.

I am going to repeat Krissy’s poem as well. I think it is a nice perspective for us all to consider.

“Moving Forward” is the poem written using Isaiah 43: 18-20:

Do not earnestly remember 
The former things of the past, 
Neither consider the things of old, 
Following the same old paths
Behold, I am doing a new thing, 
Do you not see it, nor understand?
It springs forth as rivers flowing 
Through a desert and barren land
It makes a way in the wilderness, 
Refreshing those that honor me,
So do not be looking back on the past,
But look forward to what can be. 

Dear Lord we pray for each other as we travel this path to a more stable and vibrant congregation in Des Plaines, Illinois. Help us to support and challenge each other as we take this journey. Help us to keep one another in our prayers going forward. We pray for your guidance as we proceed and for the strength and perseverance to meet all of our tasks. Help us to contribute time, talent and treasure as each of us are able. Remind us always that we are in this together. We ask this all in Jesus name - Amen.


The Council is working very hard to keep everyone informed about activities and 
progress here at Trinity. One of the ways to best reach the most amount of people is 
through email.

It is costly to mail out information, so we will be putting vital information on the Trinity Facebook 
page and website. Ideally we would like to communicate directly with members via email. 
If you have an email address and have not been receiving emails from the Trinity email account:, please call the church office and provide your email address. 
If you do not have an email address, we will do our best to create a phone tree to get information to 

If the office is closed, leave your information on ext. 23, Becky Henkes, Finance Secretary.

Simply Giving
Members of ELCA congregations have used Simply Giving for almost twenty years. This program 
enables your giving to be uninterrupted when you are on vacation or away from worship for any 
reason. Join your fellow members and sign up for Simply Giving and never worry about keeping 
your pledge up-to-date. Contact the office for an application form.

Blue Time and Talent Sheets
We had a very good turnout for the Ministry Fair last week and the food was good, the presentations were very informative and a number of people have signed up for multiple committees and other ways to share their talents here at Trinity. Praise God for his guidance in our lives. We have blank Time and Talent sheets in the Narthex so anyone can use a sheet to sign up for any of the categories and if you provide your information on the back we will get back to you quickly to get the process started and incorporate you into the functions that interest you. Please consider using a sheet if you have not done so already. Time and Talent is part of our Stewardship commitment.

The Stewardship committee is trying to get a workable plan in place as quickly as possible. I believe we will have a letter to the congregation and pledge cards at the minimum. Other details are as yet undecided, but I wanted to let you know that pledge cards will be required so we can gauge the magnitude of the response in total. I hope and pray that people can trust the leadership to be responsible as we always are with the kind of information that is on the pledge card. It is always closely held information that is never shared as common information about specific individuals. Only aggregate information will be used for Council purposes. If you have questions or concerns about how pledge cards are used, please contact a member of the Stewardship committee or Council to help explain anything you might need to know.

Shopping with Trinity
Becky Henkes the Financial Secretary has reported that approximately 12 people helped us earn $1200 dollars last year through the Shopping with Trinity program. What if we had 40 or 50 or 100 people doing that in the future? We could make a lot more money for programs at Trinity. Stay tuned for a new program under a new name in the near future.

675 East Algonquin Road  Des Plaines, IL 60016  ​(847) 827-6656